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Trademark is essential

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Mastering the legalities of running a business means introducing yourself to a lot of rules, practices, terminology, and jargon that can be somewhat soggy and confusing. That's why today, we're going to shed light on one legal topic that affects many business owners, organizations, and freelancers ― "trademarks," what are the several benefits of the trademark. Might you consider registering for a trademark to protect your business?  

Trademarking is very cost-effective and has numerous advantages:

Privileged right: Only you can use your brand name, logo, or tag-line in the country where you trademark it.

Prevent counterfeit: Shows that you're serious about brand protection - using the ™ and ® symbols will indicate to others that these are taken.

Asset creation: Trademark is your intellectual property, which is an intangible asset- it can be sold, pledged for a loan, etc. like any other asset.

Maximize valuation: Having a trademark increases your business and goodwill valuation.

Legal response: If someone does try to copy your brand name, you can stop them by taking legal action against them, a trademark is a piece of compelling evidence in such cases.

Monetize your brand: You can license your trademark and even franchise it and collect a fee.

Grow efficiently: Having a trademark in one country increases your chances of getting a trademark in other countries so that you can establish your brand in the new markets speedily.


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